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7 Must-Read Articles About the Live-Streaming Industry in China

This article by the LA Times does a great job of giving a clear, concise overview of the live-streaming industry in China. And on top of that it features yours truly 🙂


beijing, china, chinese students, mandarin, seattle, tech, technology

In China, live-streaming apps soothe lonely souls and create fortunes

Cheng Lihua primped her hair, put on makeup and adjusted her gold-plated microphone. Then she got to work.

“You hurt me so deep that I can’t forgive you,” she crooned into the microphone, nodding her head to the rhythm. “Already knew our love is gone.”

Cheng, a 22-year-old recent college graduate, is a professional “live streamer,” a booming business in China these days. She works four hours a day and earns nearly $3,000 a month chatting and singing songs for an online audience of thousands — all from her bedroom in China’s far-northern Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, where she lives with her parents.


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5 Chinese Live Streaming Apps That You Should Know About

With over 200 live streaming apps available in China, it is difficult to choose which ones are the best. There are many factors that can be considered such as number of active users, user demographics, user engagement, types of live video content and more. Here I have chosen 5 of the most popular live streaming platforms that can show a cross-section of the types of live streaming apps found in China.

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Online Shopping Neighborhoods

chinese youth

With 300 million new shopping choices online, how do Chinese youth use social media to figure out what the right choices are?

For Chinese youth exploring the online marketplace, social media is crucial to help filter decisions. But behind this practical need to cut through the clutter, is an emotional need to fit in and feel like choices connect you to the right group of people, even as you try to stand out with a style all your own.

Online shopping neighborhoods is a concept to reframe ‘social commerce.’ Enjoy!


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Pea jelly: a bite of Shigatse


Photo shows the Tibetan styled pea jelly “pengbi” of southwest Tibet’s Shigatse prefecture.

Either on the streets of downtown Shigatse or at the entrance of Tashilhunpo Monastery, there are always Tibetan ladies carrying large aluminum pots, with a group of people gathering around her. They are the peddlers moving about selling a kind of food called “pengbi”.

“Pengbi” is a kind of pea jelly of Tibetan flavor. Since this Tibetan name has the same pronunciation with the words “friend” and “must” in Chinese, Tibetans would like to say that “pengbi” is a must-eat food when good friends come, in order to make it remembered.

The pea juice used to make “pengbi” is extracted from the juice to make bean starch vermicelli. When making bean starch vermicelli, peas will be ground into powders, and then water will be added to make it juicy. After sedimentation, the supernatant can be used to feed stocks, and the subsided amylum on the bottom is the material of bean starch vermicelli, while the thick juice in the middle is for making “pengbi”.



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Chinese students a new funding source for US high schools


Students from Qingdao No. 17 High School in China  wrote about their experiences visiting Weston High School during the first week of this month, as well as excursions to New York and Washington, and have composed a lengthy memoir, complete with many photos  The Chinese was translated into English by Sharon Mae Wong, Mandarin teacher at WHS.

“It is an interesting perspective!” declared Lisa Deorio, high school principal.

Our Amazing and Eye Opening Trip to America and Visit to Our Sister School (A Memoir)

In 2013, from Sept. 30 to Oct. 8, 13 students and teachers went on a trip for an <exchange visit to Weston High School in Connecticut and a subsequent tour of America. We were impressed by our sister school’s advanced teaching facilities and curriculum ideas. Our host families were warm, cordial and forthright. Many memories still linger, the blue sky, the pristine fresh air, the beautiful tree colors of the fall, and many impressive eye-opening museums. … These novel experiences are thought-provoking. We would like to share a few of these with our readers.